About Us

About brandQ

brandQ - the creative agency was unearthed in 2012. Discovered by the wife and husband team of mari Q. and chris colina, brandQ provides creative help to all businesses. We specialize in branded proposals and presentations, and have worked on numerous multi-million dollar winning projects throughout South Florida.

It is our responsibility to deliver creative work of the highest quality. Our clients trust us because we are bold in responding to challenges and innovating new solutions for every project. We love to pop bottles with our clients to celebrate the wins!

Our Mission

To brand, design and produce high quality proposals and presentations for our RAWRsome clients. We exist to help you win!

about mari Q.

Made in Cuba, born in Panama. The Q in brandQ. Proud mom of 2. Architect turned Graphic Designer. When not in the office, she is compulsively documenting every moment of her life, and is convinced that life would be easier if she could surgically implant a GoPro onto her forehead. Longs to meet Jason Mraz.

mari Q. colina

mari Q. colina

art director + ceo

about chris

Coast Guard Veteran. Proud daddy-o. Works FOR his wife! Love everything the internet symbolizes (cat pictures, viral videos and memes (is it "meem" or "memm"??)). Avid lover of loving stuff avidly for periods of time. 10 years of marketing experience. I try to embrace the proverbial box, creatively, hug it tightly, from the outside.

chris colina

chris colina

creative director + coo

about melanie

Aspiring filmmaker. Spends too much time dressing up as people with way more interesting lives. Lover of all things weird and unusual. Laughs at her own jokes for longer than she should. Tim Burton is her spirit animal.

melanie Quincoces

melanie Quincoces

Quirky jr. designer

about alex

Computer Programmer in training. Loves anything that has the word "guitar" In it. Daydreams about being a rockstar. Funky sock wearer. His age says otherwise but in his mind he was really raised in the 80's.

melanie Quincoces

Alex Mendoza

jr. web developer